My buddy Tyler Wagner joins us for our latest episode.

Tyler's company "Authors Unite" is a resource to help people become PROFITABLE authors. Becoming an "author" is easier than ever before. But becoming one who makes real money doing it is perhaps harder than it's ever been.

We discuss marketing for the publishing industry, how he helps authors get NY Times and USA Today bestsellers, and how to effectively leverage your achievements.

Rachel Pedersen joins us for our latest episode.

Rachel is a social media expert with hundreds of thousands of followers across Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

We talk a fair bit about TikTok - a platform that I've largely trolled and that the vast majority of people misuse. Rachel gives us some insight into the platform and how to use it and integrate it into your other marketing the RIGHT way. And there is a BIG disconnect between how much people are using it and how they should be. She also gives some good advice on how you can grow a following - on any platform.

Robert Rickey joins us for our latest episode.

Robert is an absolute eCommerce OG. He's been in the space since 1997 - having witnessed nearly every change and development that's happened over the past few decades. Nowadays his company the Marketplace Superheroes trains other people who they can successful run their own Amazon business.

We have a really enjoyable discussion where we talk about the big mistakes people are making with their businesses, his philosophy of "strategies over tactics", and how people can easily and SUSTAINABLY make passive income online.

February 25, 2020

Episode #25: Colleen Gallagher

Colleen Gallagher joins us for today's episode.

Colleen is a speaker and coach who helps educate and empower social impact businesses to use social media to grow their sales and make a massive impact on humanity.

During our discussion Colleen gives some insight on how "freedom isn't just one ending or destination", how as adults we often lose our ability to innovate (and how we can get that back), and a number of interesting topics.

February 3, 2020

Episode #24: Taylor Welch

Taylor Welch joins us for our latest episode.

Taylor is an adverting expert and real estate investor with his companies Traffic and Funnels, SalesMentor, and Wealth Cap.

In this episode we talk a little bit about both niches. Taylor also gives us one of his most important tips for business growth: Normalization. He outlines what that is, why it's so important, and why those who reject the concept set themselves up for failure.

January 27, 2020

Episode #23: Brendan Kane

Brendan Kane joins us for today's podcast.

Brendan is has been in the digital marketing space for about 15 years - getting his start managing digital divisions for two different movie studios. Since then he's started multiple technology and marketing companies.

Today he talks to us about a subject that also happens to be the title of his upcoming book: "Hook Point: How to Stand Out In a Three Second World". There are 60 billion messages sent over digital platforms every single day. He gives us some really valuable insight on not only how to break through that noise and capture somebody's attention in those three seconds, but to truly capitalize on that opportunity once you have their attention.

My buddy Michael McCormick joins us for today’s episode.

This episode was a lot of fun for me and especially interesting because Michael thrives in an industry where the VAST majority of people fail: insurance. He owns Insurance Soup, a company that helps insurance agents market and grow their practices. It is also the largest insurance-related community on Facebook with over 30,000 members.

Michael talks to us about another area where most of us fall flat on our faces: building an audience. He gives some insight into the importance of audience building and gives some really valuable tips on how to do it.


January 13, 2020

Episode #21: Tamara Thompson

Tamara Thompson joins us for today's podcast.

Tamara is the owner of Broadcast Your Authority - a company that helps entrepreneurs leverage the power of video to build followings, delivering engaging content to those followers, and build authority in their spaces.

In this episode Tamara talks to us about how to PROPERLY build your audience with video - determining who your ideal client is, which social media platforms they live on, and how to create visual content that truly engages them.

January 6, 2020

Episode #20: Ryan Stewman

Today we're joined by "The Hardcore Closer" Ryan Stewman.

Ryan is a longtime fixture in the internet marketing community with a number of highly successful companies - with hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook alone.

Ryan talks to us today about social media. He gives highlights some of the things you're doing that you THINK make you look like a big deal but are having the exact opposite effect. He also gives valuable guidance on how to correct those issues.

December 30, 2019

Episode #19: Kim Barrett

Today we're joined by Kim Barrett.

Kim is a Facebook ads expert with his agency Your Social Voice.

He has some valuable guidance for all entrepreneurs on lead generation, noting that "everyone should know how to fill up a pipeline." He talks about how many business owners, INCLUDING MARKETERS, are putting themselves in a very precarious position with the structure of their lead gen - and he tells us how they can correct that issue.

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